Product Advantage

  • Feels and looks like leather
  • Requires no maintenance - wipes clean, dries in seconds, good leathers require oiled and waterproofed
  • Moisture/odour resistant - won't grow mold/ mildew and smell
  • Soft feel - feels good in your hands, as opposed to nylon
  • Resists picking up thorns or barbs
  • Won't tear or fray
  • Totally waterproof, can be used in all weathers
  • Material possesses minimum of 500 pounds tensile strength
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Half Check Collar - Enduro Range

Synthetic half check collar available in 12mm, 16mm & 19mm widths with solid brass fittings. Collar is sized to fit your dogs neck providing comfortable fit whilst the material ensures no damage is caused to the coat. Please supply neck size when ordering.
From £10.95

Single Lead - Enduro Range

Synthetic Single Leads, available in a variety of lengths, widths & colours with waist ring in handle, solid brass fittings as standard.
From £10.95

Slip Collar - Enduro Range

Synthetic Slip Collar, available in various sizes and colours with solid brass rings.
From £5.50

Slip Lead - Enduro Range

Synthetic Slip Lead available in a range of widths, lengths and colours, with solid brass rings.
From £9.95