Acme Dog Whistle

Dog whistles, in various sizes for different types of dogs...

Traditionally whistles were thought to be the preserve of Gun Dog owners and handlers.  However, using whistles to train and control your dogs has now become a much wider activity involving many different breeds.

Acme Dog Whistle Whistle 210

Ultra High Pitch - with a pea producing a "Roll" sound. Suitable for all breed (4750-5250 Hz), expecially Spaniels

SKU: W2100
Acme Dog Whistle Whistle 210.5

210.5: Ultra high Pitch, without a pea, producing a single, high frequency tone. Suitable for all dogs, especially older / hard of hearing dogs (5900 Hz), perferred for spaniels for close work

SKU: W2105
Acme Dog Whistle Whistle 211.5

211.5: Standard High Pitch without pea, solid tone, high frequency. Suitable for all dogs (4850 Hz), preferred for Labradors

SKU: W2115
Acme Dog Whistle Whistle 212

212: Trialer. Small whistle but very high pitched. No Pea. Holds tone over distance. Professional choice, for general use.

SKU: W2120